"He's a future world star"

- Danish National Radio, P2, Hella Joof
"He reaches the many high notes with magnificent effortlessness."

- Opernwelt
"In the leading role as the Evangelist, Valdemar Villadsen was simply outstanding – effortless (also in the melismatic tenor arias), delicate and with cantabile richness."

- Der Westen
"A very skilful Danish tenor"

- Frankfurter Allgemeine, Jürgen Kesting
"Valdemar Villadsen has an emotionally rich sound, sustained notes, pure, warm and bright, that brings heaven to earth and stops time for a few moments. Hopefully the record companies will pick up on this man."

- Caroline Leiden, blog


Valdemar has many times been hailed for being vocally and artistically a very versatile tenor: Among others, the famous German opera critic Jürgen Kesting from the Frankfurter Allgemeine has described Valdemar as “technically and stylistically a masterful tenor”; and this winter definitely confirms Valdemar’s versatility.


He will appear in concerts with baroque music such as Handel’s Messiah with the Berlin Baroque Orchestra and Bach’s Weihnachts-Oratorium with the South Denmark Philharmonic, and later he will appear in bel canto gala concerts in Zaragoza and Oviedo as well as in several concerts with contemporary classical music throughout Germany.


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Recent reviews

“… Villadsen in particular produced some exceptional coloratura passages.”

Badische Zeitung



“… he reaches the many high notes with magnificent effortlessness.”




“The young, future opera star Valdemar Villadsen”.

Fyens Stiftstidende



“All the soloists produced singing of the highest quality. Especially Villadsen’s swan-aria was both funny, playful and delivered with an extraordinary stage-presence.”

Hamar Arbeiderblad



“This concert also benefitted from the tenor Valdemar Villadsen with his comprehensively cultivated, masculine and powerful voice.”

Oberbadisches Volksblatt




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Valdemar's blog

Stage presence - As a kid I wanted to be an actor. I was a nerdy kid – a Shakespeare fan. When I was twelve I performed Hamlet on my paper theatre in its original length: five hours (shortening would have been, of course, cheating!). Without my mom’s homemade cookies and several litres of tea, it would have been a traumatising experience for the incarcerated and extremely patient audience. Later, when I graduated from high school I took up a career as an actor, playing roles in Danish theaters. Everything went well, but somehow I felt something was missing. The music. I realised … Continued