Great reviews in Kiel

Valdemar received great reviews for his leading role as the sea god Glaucus in Jean-Marie Leclair’s opera from 1746 “Scylla et Glaucus”. Here is a collection of quotes from the critics:



“Valdemar Villadsen, a young tenor from Denmark, already has quite some experience in the haute-contre repertoire. You can certainly hear this in his performance of Glaucus. His voice never shows the slightest sign of fatigue and reaches the high notes with exquisite effortlessness.”




”A very skilful Danish tenor.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Jürgen Kesting



”… he performed the desperation scene of the finale in a striking manner.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Jürgen Kesting




”The part of the sea god Glaukos is written for a haute-contre, a very high tenor, which, unlike a countertenor nowadays, uses both the head and chest voices without changing into falsetto. In Kiel, they have been able to win Danish tenor Valdemar Villadsen for this part. His flexible tenor voice has very smooth high notes, which gives the figure great tenderness.”
Online Musik Magazin
Thomas Molke




”His emotions, first love then agony, come through so beautifully in a production that you can really look forward to.”
NDR, Norddeutsche Rundfunk
Frank Hajasch




”… the gorgeously tender tenor and haute-contre voice of Valdemar Villadsen.”
Kieler Nachrichten
Christian Strehk




”Valdemar Villadsen is Glaucus – an all blue, bald yet bearded, sincerely loving but sometimes confused sea god – with fascinating fragile lustrous singing, in between countertenor and tenor.”
Schleswig-Holstein Zeitung
Christoph Kalies




”His voice is beautiful and flexible.”
Unser Lübeck