Music videos

Valdemar has released two new music videos recorded during the pandemic as part of the Danish Arts Foundation’s initiative: “United by the Arts” (“Sammen om Kunsten”). The videos contain music by Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) and Domenico Maria Melli (-1609).

The videos are directed by Anne Preussel and Valdemar is being accompanied by a group of leading early music specialists from across Europe. In the song by Monteverdi, Valdemar forms a duo with the world famous lutist Edin Karamazov (known for his colaborations with Andreas Scholl, Renée Fleming and rock star Sting).


The link to “Dispiegate, guance amate” by Melli:


The other video with Monteverdi’s “Si dolce è’l tormento”  will be launched very soon…