“A masterful tenor.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine, Jürgen Kesting




“He’s a future world star”

Danish National Radio, P2, Hella Joof




“His voice never shows the slightest sign of fatigue and he reaches the many high notes with magnificent effortlessness.”





“In the leading role as the Evangelist, Valdemar Villadsen was simply outstanding – effortless (also in the melismatic Tenor arias), delicate and with cantabile richness.”

Der Westen




“Valdemar Villadsen, a young tenor from Denmark, has already gathered quite some experience… You can certainly hear this in his performance of Glaucus.”





“the young, future opera star Valdemar Villadsen”

Fyens Stiftstidende




“Valdemar Villadsen enchanted the audience with magnificent tenor splendor and acrobatic coloraturas…”

Oberbadisches Volksblatt




“In the leading role Valdemar Villadsen is both touching, surprising, strong and sensitive. And vocally a perfect cast for this demanding role.”

Aarhus Stiftstidende




”Valdemar Villadsen is technically and stylistically a very skilful tenor … he performed the desperation scene of the finale in a striking manner.”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Jürgen Kesting




“… But also alto Silke Marchfeld and tenor Valdemar Villadsen presented themselves brilliantly. Villadsen in particular produced some exceptional coloratura passages.”

Badische Zeitung




“The versatile tenor Valdemar Villadsen sang with nice, comfortable high notes. One can look forward to many great experiences with him.”

“… and both she and Villadsen as the young couple, sang modern bel canto with their beautiful voices as a dramatic effect.”

JC Klassisk




“Dazzling performance by Valdemar Villadsen”

Nikolaj Koppel, P2, Danish National Radio




“Valdemar Villadsen especially stood out with his fabulous, text-intelligible voice.”

Badische Zeitung




“A believable new opera, starring the excellent tenor Valdemar Villadsen.

[…] one of the best things about the show is that the leading role of the chained Adam is excellently cast with the tenor Valdemar Villadsen. Quite touching and believable he interprets the destiny of this young man [….] Villadsen sings with an extreme precision and an excellent text. The voice is distinctive and he is a real pleasure in the role as Adam.”

Gregers Dirkinck-Holmfeld




“As the young man Adam, Valdemar Villadsen is a great cast. […] He communicates with his finely calibrated physical acting the vulnerability and honesty, but also the spite, with which Adam, in his difficult position, can only dream about the world he knows from his books, yet can not get to see in reality.”

Thomas Michelsen, Politiken




“Helene Lang’s and Valdemar Villadsen’s charisma and acting are outstanding. And one senses their strong commitment, passion and skilfulness in every style and genre they engage in, which gives the audience a very musical and magical experience.”

Bornholm Musikforening




“… he walks around – like the Don Juan figure from Kasper Holten’s opera film (2010) – in bare feet, in a suit and with self confidence, while he sings his arias with impressive voice!”

Gudrun Hagen, Kultur Formidlet (on Possokohov’s Narcissum at the Royal Danish Opera)




“Valdemar Villadsen has an emotionally rich sound, sustained notes, pure, warm and bright, that brings heaven to earth and stops time for a few moments. Hopefully the record companies will pick up on this man.”

Caroline Leiden, blog




”The part of the sea god Glaukos is written for a haute-contre, a very high tenor, which, unlike a countertenor nowadays, uses both the head and chest voices without changing into falsetto. In Kiel, they have been able to win Danish tenor Valdemar Villadsen for this part. His flexible tenor voice has very smooth high notes, which gives the figure great tenderness.”
Online Musik Magazin
Thomas Molke




”His emotions, first love then agony, come through so beautifully in a production that you can really look forward to.”
NDR, Norddeutsche Rundfunk
Frank Hajasch




”… the gorgeously tender tenor and haute-contre voice of Valdemar Villadsen.”
Kieler Nachrichten
Christian Strehk




”Valdemar Villadsen is Glaucus – an all blue, bald yet bearded, sincerely loving but sometimes confused sea god – with fascinating fragile lustrous singing, in between countertenor and tenor.”
Schleswig-Holstein Zeitung
Christoph Kalies




”His voice is beautiful and flexible.”

Unser Lübeck




“the young, future opera star Valdemar Villadsen”

Fyens Stiftstidende




“Valdemar Villadsen delivered the Monteverdi songs with great beauty and solemnity.”





“All the soloists produced singing of the highest quality. Especially Villadsen’s swan-aria was both funny, playful and delivered with an extraordinary stage-presence.”

Hamar Arbeiderblad




“This concert also benefitted from the tenor Valdemar Villadsen with his comprehensively cultivated, masculine and powerful voice.”

Oberbadisches Volksblatt